Journalist Visa


1. Applicant will have to go the nearest Philippine Embassy to apply for a Journalist Visa. They should provide/submit the requirement for the accreditation to the International Press Center

Please address the letter to:
Luis A. Morente
Director IV
News and Information Bureau
Malacanang, Manila

Elma Reyes Perdiz ,MPA 
Chief MARD
International Press Center
News and Information Bureau

Contact No. + (632)8526 5329 Telefax
Email :

2. Philippine Embassy will forward the request to the Visa Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs.

3. Visa Division of the Department of Foreign Affairs will send the First Endorsement Letter requesting for authority to issue necessary visa to the International Press Center.

4. IPC will issue a Second Endorsement Letter to the Consular Affairs Division, interposing no objection to the issuance of necessary visa.

5 . The Visa Division will then forward the authority to issue the necessary visa to the requesting Philippine Embassy.

6. Upon arrival in the country they have to go to the International Press Center (IPC) for the issuance of their IDs.  If they have local coordinator, she/he can coordinate with IPC in advance on their behalf.