The News and Information Bureau shall be responsible for providing efficient, effective, productive, and economical services relating to the development and formulation of a domestic and foreign information program for the Government, in general, and the Presidency, in particular, including the development of strategies for the dissemination of information on specific government programs.

The News and Information Bureau shall be headed by a Director and assisted by an Assistant Director, both to be appointed by the President, upon the recommendation of the Press Secretary.

Consisting the News and Information Bureau are: Presidential Press Staff, Media Accreditation and Relations Division, and the Philippine News Agency.

The News and Information Bureau shall have the following functions:
1. Formulate, develop, and implement a national information program for the Government and the Presidency, including the strategies in support of specific national development programs;

2. Formulate, develop and implement an overseas information program, including strategies for the effective dissemination of information about the Philippines, the policies, activities, and programs of the Government and the Presidency;

3. Establish liaison with the representatives of domestic and foreign press, and provide assistance, as in deemed necessary, relevant to the projects, policies, and activities of the Government and the Presidency;

4. Establish and maintain a system of accreditation for local and foreign members of media;

5. Make arrangements for Presidential press and broadcast coverage and conferences;

6. Provide services relative to day-to-day and special information and communication requirements of the Government and the Presidency, including the programming and monitoring of significant projects and activities on media relations and other media related matters;

7. Provide daily news services to both local and foreign publics on the policies, activities, and programs of the Government and the Presidency, and maintain a wire service operation, for the purpose of effecting coverage of events and developments relevant to the information needs of the Government and the Presidency;

8. Produce and distribute information materials, such as: handbills, folders, pamphlets, posters and other publications on the directions, policies, programs, and activities of the Government and the Presidency; Perform such other functions as may be provided by law.


  • Provides the Bureau Head with advice and assistance on budgetary and financial matters.
  • Provides policy guidance and services relative to the procurement, storage, maintenance, recording and reporting of properties and supplies, cash disbursement, personnel management, building maintenance, records management, messengerial and janitorial services.


  • Handles the daily coverage of the Presidential activities relative to media arrangement and coordination, assistance to media, operations of press center, accreditation of journalists and media relations work.
  • Maintains close coordination with both foreign and local media representatives as well as information officers of foreign embassies and government agencies in Manila.


  • Prepares and issues press releases and photo releases for distribution to the Malacañang Press Corps and other media outfits.
  • Monitors both domestic and foreign news and information, including news digest, analyses, comments and/or recommendations for immediate information and guidance of the President and other government offices.
  • Transcribes speeches, press conferences, briefings, and interviews of the President and officials of the Presidential Communications Office (PCO).


  • Provides the government, the Presidency, the public as well as media and nonmedia clients here and abroad with objective, factual and impartial news and information, including photos on the daily basis.
  • Provides its clients with breaking news, press coverages, commentaries, features, back grounders and news analyses, and gathers international news for domestic distribution through its news exchange agreements with news agencies in the ASEAN, Asia-Pacific Region and other countries. Serves as a daily 24-hour, all weather news wire service network.